The SMART Ride



$9.3 million has been distributed throughout Florida, making SMART Ride the 2nd largest
AIDS bicycle ride in the country and the only one of its size to give back 100%.
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Broward House is a proud Broward County beneficiary of SMART Ride 15.
All funds received from The SMART Ride will support gaps in funding.
You can support Broward House by joining our team Give-A-Shift or becoming part of the crew!
Broward House received over $110,000, from SMART Ride 14. 

Photo:  Broward House Team Give A Shift at the closing ceremonies of SMART Ride 14 


What it means to be a Broward House rider:

Riding 165 miles may begin as a personal challenge, but as you are surrounded by others with a common purpose of making a difference it becomes much more!  You recognize that each dollar you raise, each mile you pedal will make a difference in someone’s life.  Yes, there will be more services.  Yes the SMART Ride is a fundraiser, but is it also an awareness raiser.  Someone will pass you on the road and your presence will inspire them to get tested.  Someone will talk to their child about HIV.  Someone will talk to their partner about being safe and healthy.  Someone will think… If they care about me, I should care for myself and go to the doctor, take their medications.  You will tell people who face Stigma each day… there are people out there who care, who believe we all deserve hope and dignity. Yes, you will do all of this by just showing up!  Ride safe, ride proud – you will make a difference

What it means to be part of the crew:

In the fight for HIV it takes survivors and fighters, friends, family, partners, spouses, community advocates, health care providers, social workers to bring healing and reduce stigma.  On the ride it takes nearly one crew member for each riders.  Making a difference requires many skills and loads of compassion, there are many opportunities to be a part of this difference and share what you have to give by crewing or sponsoring the ride

You can also support team Give-A-Shift by donating to one of our riders or sponsoring our team! 

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For more details on riding or crew contact Stacy Hyde at 954-522-4749 x1234 |

If you wish to sponsor our team contact our development department at 954-522-4749 x1221 |


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