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Broward House was founded in 1988 by a few concerned citizens, lead by Susan Telli, with a desire to ensure those with HIV/AIDS received compassionate care. Initially Broward House developed a 52-bed home for individuals who were in need of housing and assisted living services. Companionship, support groups, and social interaction assisted residents in addressing stigma. The value of this grassroots beginning continues to drive the core of Broward House’s delivery of services as the agency has grown to meet the needs of individuals infected or affected by HIV living in Broward County.

Broward House’s mission is to improve lives in a loving, caring atmosphere while maintaining the highest level of fiscal responsibility.  The agency serves a diverse population which mirrors the diversity of Broward County and those affected and infected by HIV/AIDS.  The agency embraces a responsibility to be a leader in the community.  This leadership is actualized through prevention, education, and service in order to reduce the number of individuals becoming infected by HIV, increasing the number of HIV+ individuals receiving care, supporting needed services, and reducing stigma in our community.   While Broward House began its mission by providing housing, and it remains a core component of services, it is realized that individuals require an array of support services for true healing to occur.  It is this philosophy that has led to the expansion of services in prevention, education, case management, mental health, substance abuse treatment, transportation, and collaborative medical care, which are provided regardless of the individual’s financial status. 

Broward House acknowledges individuals are more willing to accept services in an environment in which they feel safe and where a variety of needs are met. While all services are delivered with a client centered perspective, Broward House demonstrates a value for administrative efficiencies and effective systems.  This value is vital as Broward House typically operates approximately 37 different contracts, falling in 7 different fiscal years.


Broward House is managed by a passionate and highly qualified team of individuals. Each one of them has a story to tell about what brought them to Broward House and what the Broward House mission means to them. We welcome you to take a moment to meet the faces of our executive and director team! 

Broward House has the great honor of being led by a strong and passionate team of community members. Each one of our Board members is empowered by the Broward House mission and works diligently to ensure the integrity of the organization. 

Broward House is privileged to have just about 100 employees who wake up every day ready to serve our clients with compassion and respect. Every one of our employees does their job with dedication and enthusiasm as they strive to meet the needs of our clients. While we cherish every one of our employees, we would like to highlight some of the stories they wish to share about what brought them to Broward House and what drives them to be the best they can be for our clients. 

Proud and Loud! LGBT Pride Festival makes some noise and raises awareness on campus. 10/13/14

The Broward House team was very enthusiastic in the hopes of promoting awareness. When asked about the event, Rachel Konnerth of the Broward House team said, “It’s a really great opportunity to spread LGBT awareness.” William Patrick said “It feels pretty good coming here because we are promoting awareness and prevention [of disease].”

HOT Spots - What's Hot South Florida 08/07/2014 - 08/12/2014

"Last Thursday, Broward House hosted the Spirit of Hope Reception at the new TAPs Restaurant and Grill on Himmarshee Street in downtown Fort Lauderdale.  The evening was a reminder of the great work that Broward House does in our community while at the same time afforded us the opportunity to spend some quality time with fellow community members in the spirit of a great cause.  We were very impressed with the new venue that features exotic beers from around the globe for the more adventurous beer connoisseurs." By Scott Hall

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