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Knowing Gives You The Power

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I believe it was 2011 when I found out I had contracted syphilis. I was down here in Florida and was tested regularly. Then, I ran out of insurance because I closed my business. This was pre-affordable healthcare, so I went back up to my house in Michigan. I just figured I was really stressed out, you know, because I was moving and everything. When the TV volume is turned up to 70, and I still can’t hear it, there’s probably something more than stress going on. That’s the most noticeable thing because I only had about 20-25% of hearing in one ear due to the syphilis. I ended up in the hospital, and the hearing specialist had me go in to do a syphilis and HIV test. I got a call like the next day that said, “you need to go to the emergency room right away.”

I contracted HIV and syphilis simultaneously. I went from no issues to nearly dead because they ran tandem. I was in the hospital for a few weeks with intravenous medications. I had a spinal tap because it was in my spinal fluid. I was connected with an infectious disease doctor right away. The syphilis was cleared, and the HIV went undetectable fairly quickly. I got on with my life, you know.

I used to be a personal executive assistant. I’m a far cry from being there now, and that’s what you don’t see. That’s the hidden damage because I don’t think clearly. I find that I’m trying so hard to hear that I really do miss the spontaneity of situations. When you’re present and responding it’s really great because you’re really there. To be present you have to hear, see, and be absorbing and utilizing all that information. It takes me a lot. I try to get good restorative sleep and eat healthily to help my issues.

Then, I was out of care for a while because I had a bad experience with a medical provider. I had a subsequent infection, and that finished off my hearing pretty much. I probably have 15% left now in the right ear. Then, I was back under care. It’s like BAM! All you got to do is just do it. Immediately get treated. For me, it wasn’t a long time that it went on before it was a devastating, serious thing. Getting tested this day and age you just need to be tested as often as reasonable. You have to be responsible for your own health. Knowing gives you the power! Once you know, then usually, they’re going to give you the treatment. I’m here to tell you that it’s worth a shot or 17 million shots to get it taken care of because I would love to have my hearing back. I don’t know if it’s going to come back. You really wouldn’t think that hearing would affect sex, but it really does.

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