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It's One Pill A Day

Stories Of Promise

I just wanted a little bit more control over my own sexual health. At the same time, I also knew there are other people out there that deserve the same protection as well. I look at it as a kind of a double-edged sword in a way. I wasn’t sure how to go about getting this extra protection.

The process to get tested and prescribed PrEP was rather quick. I went in to get tested, only waited a little bit and after the wait, they brought me back. The person doing my testing was very friendly. I was in and out much faster than I thought it was going to be. During the testing process they asked me basic health questions. Essentially, what my sexual health had been like and they made sure I knew how to administer the STD testing and since I've taken the test before, I was easily able to navigate the test process.

I knew that PrEP was a daily medication. The medication itself helps with the prevention of HIV if you come into contact with it.During my testing appointment they explained a lot about the medication, facts, and possible side effects. I also learned that having an encounter with somebody who is HIV positive, but undetectable, means the HIV virus can't be transmitted. I learned a lot of new things during the appointment.

The process of getting the PrEP appointment and eventually starting to take the medication was very simple. I filled out some paperwork that the tester provided and then, it was sent to CAN Community Health. From there, CAN took everything into their own hands. They reached out to me to schedule my first appointment. They are always up to date with phone calls, sending me reminder messages, making sure that I know when my appointments are. They reach out to check if I have any questions or, if there's anything that's going on, as far as my health is concerned. The doctor who prescribed the PrEP, gave me more information, and told me to reach out with any questions. I built a routine to remember to take the medication. It makes me feel a little old because I'm still in my twenties, but I got one of those daily pill containers, and I set that up with all the other medications that I take.

Anybody who is thinking about wanting to take it, then give it a try. It's one thing. It's a pill a day. If women are able to take birth control every single day and deal with the side effects, then I think everybody else should be able to take a pill a day!

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